Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To WEIGH, OR NOT to Weigh

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Love this picture-KEEP IT UP!

Dear friend,

I came home from my weekend a little tired:) Why do vacations always do that?  You go to get rejuvenated and come home with wonderful memories and heavy eyelids.  Eating was awesome,  I brought:

  • a big batch of fajita pasta salad for everyone 
  • a gallon size bag of cut up veggies
  • a bag of grapes
  • a few oranges, bananas, and apples
  • a quart of Almond milk
  • 2 bottles of nutty spread and two bottles of fruit spread
  • a hearty loaf of wheat bread 
  • plus a bar of dark chocolate 
We had a little kitchen in one of the rooms so I was able to eat my food when we ate in.  Bed and Breakfast morning times consisted of egg casserole, loads of bacon and sausage, french toast strata, yogurt and fruit.  I loaded up on the fruit, added a piece of wheat bread smeared with nutty and fruit spread and a nice cup of lemon tea sweetened with agave.  

For lunch on Saturday everyone had Subway and I had a veggie version with dijon and salt and pepper on the wheatiest bread they had.  And the last night we ate out at Carlos & Harley's--if ever in Eden--eat there! Delicious food for everyone.  I had corn tortilla tacos stuffed with portabellos, poblanos, cabbage, rice, black beans and salsa.  I am craving these already, I am totally going to remake these little yummies.    I did not eat anything I would not have at home other than the leafy greens were a little hard to come by.  

On return I stepped onto the scale and...well nothing happened the scale had not budged.  As I stood there staring at that number I realized something, my goal of toning, because of my weekly "Weigh-ins" has turned to losing weight.  Over the last 12 weeks since this plant strong journey began I have lost 22 lbs.  I used to plateau in weight loss at 178 or so, now it is at 158--that's big, but all I can think about is that it's not coming off anymore.  If I were on a regular "diet"  I can tell you what already would have happened I would have jumped ship for a few days and thought to myself, 

"If it's not working then I am going to eat what I want."  

Because of plant strong living my perspective has entirely changed there are more important things to me than losing weight.  I believe that not only has our eating habits as Americans created our "sickness" but also our dieting habits.  We have tunnel vision, there is no grand ideal of health and wholeness, we care about size and shape.  

In protest of this perpetuation I am throwing out my scale.
Yes, you heard me right-I am throwing it out.

I am going to measure every 3 weeks and gauge my progress by how I feel- lean, strong, healthy then A for me.  As I exercise and give the best fuel to my body I will achieve my goal of toning up and feeling great and that has nothing to do with weight and that monster scale.  Because of my thyroid I need to keep a tab on my weight periodically but my Drs office has told me I may slip in once in a while to weigh--so GOODBYE scale and HELLO health.

We need to stop and realize how much we have to GAIN not how much weight there is left to lose--Health, Energy, Strength, Quality of life, the list is endless--our bodies are the vehicles by which we carry out our purpose here on Earth.  I don't know about you but I want mine to be a Bentley.

Here is to strength without scales--whew I feel better already!



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