Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Do you know what I love?

I love being inspired.

My friend Fifi inspired me with her last post.  I love having inspiring friends, people around you that make you reach higher, press forward, and become more. I am blessed in this area...I have many I can look to, to help me become my more and Fifi and Evey are two of these beautiful people.

When I am inspired it usually leads to something I can share because my inspiration usually leads to something visual. honor of Fifi and her sweet mom's poem, which I can hear in the voice of my grandma, I have some free printables for you.

I made one for myself to hang next to the mirror in my bathroom but depending on your resolve for 2012 perhaps you might hang it by the treadmill or the fridge or in the treat cupboard next to the chocolate chips;}  

Sleep tight and stick to it...

Just click and print...

{Resolve Mini Poster in Gradient and Grey}


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